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Cascadecopia's Services
At Cascadecopia, we take care to provide you with high quality services personalized for your unique needs. All our designs are low-maintenance solutions with an ecological approach. The design process centers around you and your visions, while we use our wide rage of experiences and creative problem solving to help empower you in your relationship with your land.  We believe careful planning is the cornerstone of sustainability. Creating edible food producing ecosystem for both you and wildlife is our specialty, but Cascadecopia designs and installs all types of gardens and outdoor spaces. 
Here is a list of some of the services Cascadecopia offers:

Landscape and Garden Design
          Using Nature as our inspiration, Cascadecopia creates beautiful 
          landscapes by working closely with you to design the garden of your 
          dreams. Incorporating native plants, edibles, and climate suitable 
          ornamentals, Cascadecopia designs and installs  bio-diverse gardens
          while organizing systems that work to regulate and regenerate themselves. 
          We also enjoy incorporating different styles into our designs such as, Asian, 
          English, Mediterranean, just to name a few. 

Customized Hardscapes: 
          Flagstone, Paver, Decorative Concrete, and Stepping Stone 
          Paths and Patios, Arbors, Garden and Retaining Walls, 
          Water Features, Stone and Boulder Placement, Chicken Coops and 
          other animal homes, Compost Systems, Raised Beds and Hugel Beds. 

Water Management:   :   
          Rain Catchment; Swales; Rain Gardens and Bioretention; 
          Drainage Solutions; Water Saving Irrigation; Ponds; Recycling. 

Landscape Installation:
           Cascadecopia installs all the items above and more. We create 
           edible gardenscapes and beautiful low maintenance gardens using 
           methods that are inspired by natural systems. We can install a 
           full front and back yard all at once or over time in phases. 
           Small projects are also welcome, including just planting a tree. 
           We do both residential and small local commercial.

Native Plants: 
          For Live Screening, Habitat, Low-Maintenance, Food and Beauty.  
          Rewild a portion of your yard.  We are native plant aficionados, 
          and love finding ways of incorporating them into a landscape or garden.

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