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Sean Ford

Jeremy Winans (Founding Member)
Jeremy is passionate about raising, growing and gathering food. He studies and practices Permaculture Design and is continuously seeking to understand how we can integrate with our local land, engage with its abundance, and see ourselves as co-producers, rather than consumers. Jeremy gathers inspiration from interrelation of wild ecosystems and diverse examples of people using their intuition and design powers to live in harmony with their land and community. Jeremy is also an avid compost alchemist.  Jeremy recently left Cascadecopia to move to Vermont with his partner Rae and their family.  His ideas and hard work in creating Cascadecopia will always be apart of how we operate, continually inspiring, and guiding our decisions.   
Sean Ford
Sean has long been interested in how humans interact with nature and each other. He has been working and studying in the landscape and construction field for over 18 years. He studied sustainable development and design in college, focusing on stormwater management, local food systems, and place-based design. During his studies, Sean became interested in Northwest native plants and local food systems. More recently, he has been inspired by permaculture practice and design. He is passionate about incorporating edible and native plants with appropriate ornamentals into beautiful landscapes that are meaningful, functional, and harmonious with nature.  

About Cascadecopia 

Our Mission:

To promote more vibrant relationships between people, land, and communities by designing and installing beautiful, biodiverse, and functional gardens and landscapes through a careful and 
sustainable process.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

It is our goal to have as much of a positive impact on our environment as possible. Cascadecopia practices Low-Impact Development and Green Building Strategies. We select plants that thrive in our climate, and design landscapes that function like self-regenerating natural ecosystems. We believe that growing food in your backyard is not only rewarding for the individual, but is at the very core of creating sustainable communities.  When designing and building hardscapes, we look first at materials that can be reused or repurposed and then to locally sourced or natural materials. We are passionate about these issues and work to find ways to help you achieve your own goals of sustainability.​